Feature Friday: The Internet, YOUR Way

Internet access can seem binary– either you have the internet in your home, or you don’t. Having the internet in your home can expose your family to online pornography, real and fictional violent content, drug content, suggestive ads, raunchy articles, scams, and other dark aspects of our world. On the other hand, not providing your home with internet access in 2017 deprives them of wholesome and free entertainment, educational opportunities, awareness of current events, social connections, and even paying the bills and banking. What’s a twenty-first century family to do?


Clean Router offers families to engage with the internet wholesomely and productively. Your family’s rules become Clean Router’s rules with dozens of customizable features and filtering options. Best of all, you can adjust and readjust the Clean Router filters at any time, from anywhere! Just log into remote.cleanrouter.com from any computer or download our  Remote Control app for easy on-the-go access!


Your family deserves more options than sleaze or 1950s technology. With Clean Router, you can have the internet YOUR way!


Ready to protect your family online with Clean Router?

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Feature Friday: The best New Year’s resolution? Kick porn out!

The best New Year’s resolutions are those that benefit the whole family. This year, put “Block all pornography” on your list!


Clean Router makes it easy for parents to permit in their homes only the online content that will benefit their family. Our Intellifilter technology combs each web page for inappropriate content without compromising internet speed or functionality. Black, White, and Gray Lists allow users to block or allow websites individually, while the overall filters can be turned up or down according to preference. The Clean Router scheduling feature can even turn off the internet at mealtimes to promote family time and at bedtime to protect against any late-night online mischief.


Your most important New Year’s resolution can also be the easiest resolution! Block all pornography from your home today with Clean Router!


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Feature Friday: Get on Santa’s Nice List (and an Amazon gift card) With Clean Router!

Hoping for an easy way to Santa’s Nice List this year? Share Clean Router with your friends and family!


As the ultimate parental controls, Clean Router makes it easy to keep tabs on your kids online and block all inappropriate material from your home. Our Intellifilter technology is thorough without going overboard, while our wide array of customizable options allows you to determine the right internet content for your family. You can even adjust the filters and Black/White/Gray Lists at any time from anywhere!


To get a referral bonus, ask your friends and family to list your email under “Where did you hear about us?” when they subscribe, and we’ll send you a $20 Amazon gift card!


For extra nice points this holiday season, leave a Clean Router review on our Amazon page, our Facebook page, or by emailing support@cleanrouter.com! We benefit from your feedback and love hearing what you appreciate about Clean Router. You might even be featured in the review section of our blog!


Make Clean Router a part of your holiday celebrations this year and enjoy online peace of mind all year ’round!


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Feature Friday: Bring Clean Router Home For the Holidays!

Isn’t it great to have the family home for the holidays? The kids are out of school, the adults have a little extra time off from work, and the out of town relatives bring even more excitement and fun.


With friends and families gathering in your home, the holidays are the perfect time to make sure your home is safe in every way. Family time these days means streaming movies, gaming, video chatting, and other online recreation. Is your internet network ready?


Bring Clean Router home for the holidays! Our router blocks all online pornography, violence, and drug content from every device connected to your home internet network. Set up is one-time only and done within minutes, and each individual device is filtered as easily as entering your wi-fi password. Our multi-level filtering system is completely customizable and can be adjusted and re-adjusted at any time!


Do your holiday plans involve traveling this year? Our mobile plan offers Clean Router apps for online peace of mind anywhere. Protect your devices both inside your home and out!


This year, give yourself and your loved ones the gift of clean internet and online safety! Click here to get started!

Feature Friday: Skip the ads with Clean YouTube!

At best, YouTube ads are repetitive and annoying. At worst, they can be lengthy, inappropriate (Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, anyone?), and intrusive. Even kid-friendly videos can have adult commercials!


When Clean Router was developing Clean YouTube, we committed to bringing our customers the best of YouTube without any of the slime.That’s why eliminating YouTube ads was a no-brainer. Online peace of mind does not allow for an R-rated interruption.


Don’t worry, you can still search for your favorite Superbowl commercials. But now, Clean YouTube users can view only the commercials that make them laugh– not the ones that make them cringe.


You can use Clean YouTube at any time at cleanyoutube.io or download the CleanYouTube app from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).


Skip the ads with Clean YouTube! Save time and worry AND keep everything you love about YouTube. It’s the quintessential win-win situation!


What do you love about Clean YouTube? Comment below!


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Feature Friday: Become a Clean Router expert at our new support page!

Stumped by your Clean Router set up? Confused by the Black List? Curious about CleanYouTube? Just wondering if you are making the most of your Clean Router?


We are revamping our support page! Located at cleanrouter.com/support, our new support page will include the Clean Router user’s manual, videos, tutorials, Clean Router tips, troubleshooting advice, answers to frequently asked questions, and anything else you ever wanted to know about Clean Router.


Clean Router’s goal has always been to provide online peace of mind and allow customers to fit their home’s protection to the needs of their families. Now we are ready to teach YOU how your Clean Router works, why it does what it does, and how you can make it work better for your family.


Of course, if you have any questions, you can still contact our friendly support team by phone at 520-445-4673, by email at support@cleanrouter.com, or through live chat on our website.


Stop by often for frequent updates!


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Feature Friday: Clean YouTube for iOS is HERE!!

Apple users, we are thrilled to announce that Clean YouTube available in the App Store!


YouTube, like the internet as a whole, is a fantastic resource for learning and entertainment. But even innocent search terms and videos bring up appallingly explicit videos! How can families enjoy the good AND avoid the smut?


Clean YouTube is our answer. We believe that you shouldn’t have to risk your kids’ safety to enjoy YouTube. So, we took the filth out. The multi-layer Intellifilter technology Clean Router users already know and love is now available for YouTube. No more suggestive sidebars or aggressive auto-play– your family is safe!


Now that Clean YouTube is available for any device, we recommend routing all YouTube traffic through Clean YouTube. Clean Router users can do this by opening the CleanYouTube section of the Clean Router settings and turning on the “Clean YouTube Only” option.


Parents, you do NOT have to put up with skeezy side of YouTube to enjoy the good. Download the Clean YouTube app today here!







Feature Friday: What the Clean Browser Can Do For You!

We built Clean Router with the idea that families could build a wall around their homes to keep out all online pornography and age-inappropriate content. All devices that enter a Clean Router-protected home, regardless of type or owner, would be unable to breach that wall. Now, it’s time to put that Clean Router protection on your mobile devices and have it go to work, to school, to church– just like your family.


The Clean Browser app is now available for Android devices! All of the customizable filtering and controls from Clean Router, now with the mobility and convenience of an app.


The Clean Browser app currently has the following features:

1.  Blocks apps: Users can specify which apps installed on the phone should be blocked.
2.  Blocks Settings: The device’s settings are only accessible with the router password.
3.  (Optional) Custom launcher: Prevents the use of the Google Search features and requires the device to use Clean Search, our search engine.
4.  Uses CleanSearch.io as the default search engine.
5.  Logs internet activity in the routers logs: This works just as if the device was still connected to the Clean Router network.
6.  Honors time restrictions (configured on the router for this device): Disables use of every app when restriction is in place (even outside of home network).
7.  Disables device when Remote Control app disables (even outside of home network): No matter where a device is, if a Clean Router administrator locks the device through the Clean Router Remote Control app, the device is locked.
8.  Honors your Clean Router’s Black List: All websites on your Clean Router’s Black List will be blocked, even outside of the Clean Router network.
9.  Prompts user to enter a user-friendly nickname for each mobile device on the network.
10. Same easy filter bypass by entering the administrator password, just as if your device was connected to a Clean Router network.
11. Allows filter bypass to a blocked app or screen using the administrator password even when device is not connected to the internet.
In a nutshell, this is the same Clean Router you already know and love. But now, with the Clean Browser app, the Clean Router protection and online peace of mind does not have to end at your front door.
Android users can download Clean Browser at the Google Play store. iOS users, hang in there, the Clean Browser app is coming to the iTunes Store soon! All users please note that you may need to upgrade your Clean Router subscription to use Clean Router apps.


To use the Clean Browser app, Clean Router needs to be running version or later. If your Clean Router is an older version, please contact our support team by calling 520-445-4673, emailing support@cleanrouter.com, or using the live chat function on our website.


Clean Browser users, keep your eyes open for us, ok? Clean Browser is a brand-new app, so let us know if you see any bugs or errors. Think of this as our beta testing period.


To learn more about Clean Router and the online peace of mind we’re bringing families across the country, click here!

Feature Friday: Remote Control App available in iTunes!

We are thrilled to announce that the Remote Control App is in the iTunes Store!


Now today’s on-the-go parents can adjust their Clean Router settings from anywhere with the Remote Control app! Did the kids call to report completed chores? Taking Minecraft off of the Black List only takes three clicks! Does Susie need access to an art website for a project? You can put that website on the White List in seconds!


iOS users can download the Clean Router Remote Control app from the iTunes Store. Android users, remember you can get the Remote Control App in the Google Play store. All users please note that you may need to upgrade your Clean Router subscription to use Clean Router apps.


To use the Remote Control app, Clean Router needs to be running version or later. If your Clean Router is an older version, please contact our support team by calling 520-445-4673, emailing support@cleanrouter.com, or using the live chat function on our website.


Have you tried the Remote Control app? What do you love about it? Comment below!

Feature Friday: Torpedoing Torrents

Do you know what a torrent is?


A torrent is a filesharing method normally used for less-than-savory purposes. Think downloading pirated movies or accessing free pornographic content. Many internet filters don’t block them.


Clean Router does.


If you have Clean Router protecting your home, it doesn’t matter if you know what a torrent is. We do, and we have your back. Our developers are constantly looking into the latest threats to your online peace of mind and blocking them from your home. Torrents? Torpedoed. New porn sites? Blacklisted. New way to circumvent a filter? We’re on it!


With Clean Router, you can trust that you have cutting edge filtering for your home– even if it has been years since you purchased your Clean Router. Our regular updates fine-tune the filters and keep your internet speed running faster than ever before.


Let Clean Router torpedo the torrents, block pornography from your home, and provide you with online peace of mind!


Order your Clean Router today!