Feature Friday: Torpedoing Torrents


Do you know what a torrent is?


A torrent is a filesharing method normally used for less-than-savory purposes. Think downloading pirated movies or accessing free pornographic content. Many internet filters don’t block them.


Clean Router does.


If you have Clean Router protecting your home, it doesn’t matter if you know what a torrent is. We do, and we have your back. Our developers are constantly looking into the latest threats to your online peace of mind and blocking them from your home. Torrents? Torpedoed. New porn sites? Blacklisted. New way to circumvent a filter? We’re on it!


With Clean Router, you can trust that you have cutting edge filtering for your home– even if it has been years since you purchased your Clean Router. Our regular updates fine-tune the filters and keep your internet speed running faster than ever before.


Let Clean Router torpedo the torrents, block pornography from your home, and provide you with online peace of mind!


Order your Clean Router today!

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