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Manage what your child

can see and do online.

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Clean Router definitely does what it promises…


Cleaner Internet for homes, businesses


Clean Router offers parents “peace of mind” for Internet filtering.


One solution that helps you know exactly what your kids are doing online.

Parental Controls Made Simple.

Let’s face it… life gets busy. You can‘t always be there to monitor everything your children see online. But from within the walls of your own home, online pornography and illicit content threatens their innocence. It’s far more dangerous than you may believe, and it’s always just a few clicks away.

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One Solution for Every Device

Our wireless router automatically blocks porn and illicit content through your home Wi-Fi on desktops, laptops, smart phones, iPods, tablets and even gaming systems.


Fast, Easy Install & Works with Any ISP

Install Clean Router in only 5 minutes! It automatically works with your existing modem and internet service. And our easy set-up wizard makes configuration a snap!


Customizable Settings & Regular Updates

Clean Router works out of the box, or adjust settings as you like. Our easy subscription plan means your router is always up to date and ready for battle against the latest threats.


Fast Internet Speed & Satisfaction Guaranteed

Clean Router filters and blocks ads, which may actually improve your Internet speed. And we’re so confident you’ll love it, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!


One Less Thing to Worry About

Life brings plenty of worries, but protecting your children online doesn’t have to be one of them. Now you have an easy way to block pornography and illicit content throughout your entire home with one simple solution.

Customer & Media Reviews

Recently, we’ve begun using the Clean Router at our church.
Now, every access point in the church, both wired and wireless, can only access filtered Internet.
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- Youth Pastor Wick, Father of 3,

The Clean Router Wireless Router is an amazing tool for families interested in filtering web content and managing web access in their home to any wireless device. The system is cost-effective, extremely full-featured and very fast… Our experience has been nearly flawless…  
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- Wayne Parker,,

Parental control that works at the router level lets you manage your entire network with ease.
Clean Router definitely does what it promises.
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- PC Magazine: Good!,

The average age a child first views Internet pornography is 11, and those kids don’t look away.

- Matt Lauer, NBC’s Today Show, Matt Lauer, NBC's Today Show

I have loved the product and it has been successful in my home. I continue to be very excited
about your product and have recommended it several times.

- Daniel G. Oakes M.Ed., L.P.C, Licensed Professional Counselor, LifeSTAR Therapist, and current Clean Router user,

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