Mobile Support

How to install the CleanBrowser App (Android)

Step 1 : Download the App

1. Hop on the mobile device you wish to protect

2. Visit <this link> to start the download

3. When the download is finished, navigate to the downloads folder

4. Look for a file called <x.x.x.apk>

5. Click on this file

6. You may be asked to authorize the install. Please press Yes.

Step 2 : Open the App

1. Once installed, a shortcut for the app will be placed in the App Drawer

2. Click on the CleanBrowser shortcut

3. The first time the CleanBrowser is run, it will ask you to assign this device a “device name” if one isn’t already assigned.  Please enter in a device name if prompted.

That’s it! The CleanBrowser App is now installed, and linked to your CleanRouter.