Here’s what I learned about internet safety… and why I use Clean Router

Hi, I’m Caryn Jacobs, and I am here to share my story of how using Clean Router changed our household. My husband and I have been married for 15 years and we have two teenagers. Our kids used to spend way too much time on the internet, and we never really knew what they were doing or seeing online. They would flop on their beds with their phones after school every day and lay there for hours! Since they were so quiet, I did not think much about it at first. But after months of zoned-out teenagers, I started to worry. I ordered a Clean Router, and I only wish I had done so years ago!

With the Clean Router installed, I don’t have to hover over my kids to KNOW the content my kids are viewing online is safe.

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Last year we attended a seminar at my daughter’s junior high where an assistant chief of police and his partners talked about the dangers of the internet. He explained how popular websites and apps make  sex trafficking so much easier for predators. They see cases where predators talk to kids online, gain their trust, and convince kid to meet them. He told us the average age that a child is exposed to pornography is age nine.  NINE!! I was scared to death! My 8th grade daughter had a phone, a laptop, and an iPad. My 6th grade son had an iPad. My kids are smart, and I thought I could trust their good hearts to keep them out of trouble. I realized then that as smart and good as my kids are, I can’t expect them to outsmart adults with years of experience grooming and manipulating children.  My kids needed me to be more involved in their digital lives– it just wasn’t fair to make them deal with this on their own. 

I installed the Clean Router by myself. Yes, the mom who had never installed a router before, was able to easily hook this up and have it working within minutes!

I love how Clean Router comes programmed for basic protection so it didn’t sit on my desk for weeks waiting for me to have time to set it up. But, when I did have a few minutes to check it out, I realized Clean Router has tons of customizable options!


I can block certain keywords with the Clean Router.

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I now receive a daily report from Clean Router of EVERY site each device has visited. (Even if they look at sites incognito.)


The time restriction feature is amazing! I can set the times my kids are allowed to use their devices. No more zoned-out kids! They sleep better at night and spend more time together during the day!

Discipline is easier. If I want to ground my child from using their devices until Friday,  it only takes two clicks on my phone to block their WiFi access. If I use the scheduling option, I don’t even have to remember to turn their WiFi back on– Clean Router does it for me!


The Clean Router will even filter YouTube! It provides so many features that allow me time to do what I want to do instead of hovering over my kids to see what they are doing online. You can learn more about the features here. Learn More!   ~Caryn Jacobs

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