Automatic Updates

Never worry about updating your router! The Clean Router automatically updates itself and keeps you running the latest software patches without having to do anything!

Current Firmware Version


Change Log – (3/4/2020)
– Implemented new Mesh Wifi System
– Made improvements to WiFi
– Fixed bugs in the setup wizard – (12/6/2019_
– WiFi improvements
– Improvements to MDM
– Added support for VPN – Small business
– Made changes to the logging system
– Added improvements to MDM
– Made improvements to the filtering system
– Made improvements to user lists
– Made improvements to bandwidth reports (10/16/2018)
– Improvements to the logging system
– Improvements to WiFi
– Added fixes to SMS notifications and categories
– Improvements to MDM – (7/10/2018)
– New WiFi drivers
– New Mesh improvements
– Started initial work on MDM for Child Apps
– Fixed LED issues for basic (4/6/2018)
– Official release of the Parent App!
– New wireless drivers for the CleanRouter Pro (for Pro v2)
– Fixes for Device List page
– Improved Emailed reporting (less “chatter”)
– Improved History page, and added “ignore” button – (2/6/2018)
– Fixed filtering issues for Snapchat
– Fixed filtering issues with various Gmail clients
– Fixed filtering issues with third-party email clients  (1/31/2018)
– Firmware upgrade for all Clean Router Pro versions (new drivers, packages, etc)
– Firmware upgrade for Clean Router Basic (new drivers, packages, etc)
– Clean Router Pro V2 wireless stability fix (Mesh is now incompatible with Pro v2)
– Ad blocking update
– Improvement to factory reset system
– Better integration of device names in reports4.2.0.7 + 8  (12/20/2017)
– Even *more* Mesh WiFi system improvements : )  (12/4/2017)
– Mesh WiFi system improvements (5Ghz band now available!)
– Stability fixes for original CleanRouter Pro (Archer C7)
– UI fixes4.2.0.4+ (10/27/2017)- KRACKs vulnerability fix
– UI bug fixes4.2.0.3  (10/6/2017)
– New Bandwidth Graph feature
– New Notification system (SMS notifications!)

– Wireless driver update for new CleanRouter Pro
– CleanRouter Mesh update – stability improvements

– UI bug fixes
– Fixes for mobile apps + (9/18/2017)
– Bug fixes for new UI  (8/24/2017)
—-Brand new UI!
– 100% mobile device compatible
– Streamlined design; simple, powerful, easy to use
– New device management page (See “Device List” page)
– New History page

– Filtering engine optimizations. Increased stability.
– Additional wireless improvements for CleanRouter Pro v2 (Archer C7)  (7/24/2017)
– New wireless drivers for Clean Router Pro (increased stability)
– Performance adjustments for Clean Router Mesh settings  (7/18/2017)
– Improvements and fixes for Friendly Name system
– Performance improvements for logging system
– Performance improvements for the Clean Router Mesh system
– Various stability improvements + (6/22/2017)
– Hotfixes for potential network configuration issues (6/13/2017)
– Updates to network configuration (increased reliability for DHCP)
– Fixes for mobile apps, and upcoming Chrome extension
– PHP optimizations (increased performance, smaller footprint) (6/7/2017)
– Improvements to logging system
– Updated Remote Connection system
– Fixes for the “Friendly Name” system (5/22/2017)

– Improvements to filtering system
– Stability improvements on all models
– New wireless drivers for Clean Router Pro
– New Reset System
– Improvements for Clean Mesh systems (4/6/2017)
– Implemented inital VPN blocking feature (partial release, more coming!)
– Improved logging service
– Ability to limit Emailed Reports to specific devices –> (See this blog post)
– Search Engine Blacklist now automatically redirects to
– Bug fixes for Sites Visited and Sites Blocked pages – (12/2016 – 2/2017)
-New filtering engine, with new request handler. Browsing speeds increased by over 20%
-Updated firmware to latest Linux kernel (4.4)
-Switched web engine from Lighttpd to nginx
-Updated php from 5.6 to 7.1
-Various improvements with the new platform (11/11/2016)
-Launched new DNS filtering system (10/17/2016)
-Several UI bug fixes
-Additional integration for the Remote Control app
-Installed foundation for new DNS filtering system
-Blacklisted TOR
-Blocked popular torrent sites & trackers
-Improvements to DNS filtering &
-bug fixes on remote control app integration
-remote control app integration
-bug fixes on CYT integration
-upgraded php integration
-remove grey list from UI
-misc bug fixes

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