This is where we acknowledge and congratulate individuals and organizations who are doing something to make the Internet more safe.

2/18/2016 – Madonna Badger

Mrs Badger is an Advertising executive at Badger & Winters. Mrs Badger gets our CleanKudos today because of the commitement her advertising company has made.  From the Badger & Winters website: “In 2016, Badger & Winters made a commitment to never objectify women in our work.”

Racy advertising is often a gateway to pornography.  Badger is making the Internet safer.  Thank you Mrs Badger!

2/19/2016 – Terry Crews

Terry Crews is known by many as an actor and former American football player.  He is very well know for his appearances in Old Spice commercials.  Terry is very active on Facebook and frequently speaks from his heart.  Terry gets our CleanKudos today because of a recent video he posted on Facebook talking about pornography.  As of this writing Terry’s video has been viewed almost 300k times, has been shared over 1,500 times and liked by 17k people.

That video alone has the potential of influencing many men and women to step up and make good decisions related to pornography use.  Thank you Terry for speaking from your heart and inviting us to “man up”.

Here is the Facebook post.

2/23/2016 – Indonesia

Indonesia has banned the blogging platform Tumblr, saying that the site distributes pornographic content.

Unlike Facebook and some other social networks, Tumblr allows adult content on its site.

The closure was part of a wider crackdown, with nearly 500 sites shut down by authorities, according to Indonesian media.

We congratulate Indonesia for their bold stance against pornography.

2/26/2016 – National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Yesterday the National Center on Sexual Exploitation released it’s annual “Dirty Dozen List.”  This list highlights companies that are selling and profiting from pornography.  Through their Dirty Dozen List the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has had success in effecting change.  Woohoo!  By boldly calling out companies for their involvement they are inviting these companies to make changes in practices and policies.

Congratulations National Center on Sexual Exploitation!  Keep up the work!

3/23/2016 – Katie L. Greer

Katie L. Greer has provided nearly a decade of Internet/technology safety education to schools, law enforcement agencies, community organizations and at national conferences throughout the United States and Canada. Her unique professional, educational and personal background has resulted in dynamic programs that appeal to all age groups.

Congratulations Katie for your work in helping keep kids safe online!

Learn more about Katie and what she does on her website:

3/28/2016 – Sara, Ella, and Ayden

Sara, Ella, and Ayden are elementary students who recently won an essay contest on Internet safety.  The students were invited to answer the question: “If you had 30 seconds, what would you say to your friends and family members about how to be safe online?”  Hundreds of essays were submitted to the contest.  Because they won the contest they were recorded in three public service announcements.

Congratulations Sara, Ella, and Ayden on winning the contest and on taking a stance on Internet safety!

More information can be found here.

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