Does the Clean Router require a subscription?

Yes, the Clean Router does require a monthly subscription. This subscription is used to support the ongoing development of the Clean Router, and to staff our skilled US-based support team.

What happens if my subscription expires?

There is no need to panic if your Clean Router subscription expires; the Clean Router will continue to function normally. However, a reminder system will activate and prompt you regularly to renew your subscription

How do I renew my Clean Router subscription?

This is very easy! You can do so in three ways:

1. Via the “Subscription” page inside the Clean Router Admin Portal

2. Via the renewal link on the Clean Router Subscription Reminder pop up

3. By calling our friendly support team! 1-520-445-4673

Help! I was billed incorrectly!

Our support staff will gladly correct any billing issues immediately. Please notify us ASAP if you see an issue on your bill. Clean Router Support: 1-520-445-4673

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