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“Most houses have a router so there can be wireless Internet for laptops, smartphones, and tablets.  For those that have families with kids, there is a way that pornographic material on the Internet can be blocked thanks to the Clean Router. 


Once [the routher and settings]  set up, I then went online to see if I could find porn.  Yes, I realize that a lot of people have had problems with this, and yes, I am handling this subject lightly.  One thing about pornography is it usually isn’t stumbled upon accidentally, but a few keywords of a sexual nature can find long lists of it. 


Needless to say, this is where I awkwardly admit that I clicked on some of these options for porn, and I got the screen that you see in the image.  As you can see, I was blocked.  I could allow ‘Temporary Access’ or ‘Permanent Access’.  It is up to the administrator to enter the Admin code if you want to see the questionable material.”


The reviewer also complemented our awesome support team and recommended Clean Router for families.


The article also touched on the issue of porn addiction and whether Clean Router can end an individual’s pornography addiction. While using a router-based internet filter to block pornography from all the devices in your home is important to aiding recovery, Clean Router is not meant to singlehandedly kick your porn addiction for you. We cannot overemphasize the necessity of personal accountability and familial, ecclesiastical, and professional support in overcoming an addiction to pornography. Technology is a tool, not a cure-all.


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With pornography only a click away, it has never been more important for religious leaders to protect their churches and encourage congregations to protect their homes.



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