Feature Friday: Skip the ads with Clean YouTube!


At best, YouTube ads are repetitive and annoying. At worst, they can be lengthy, inappropriate (Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, anyone?), and intrusive. Even kid-friendly videos can have adult commercials!


When Clean Router was developing Clean YouTube, we committed to bringing our customers the best of YouTube without any of the slime.That’s why eliminating YouTube ads was a no-brainer. Online peace of mind does not allow for an R-rated interruption.


Don’t worry, you can still search for your favorite Superbowl commercials. But now, Clean YouTube users can view only the commercials that make them laugh– not the ones that make them cringe.


You can use Clean YouTube at any time at or download the CleanYouTube app from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).


Skip the ads with Clean YouTube! Save time and worry AND keep everything you love about YouTube. It’s the quintessential win-win situation!


What do you love about Clean YouTube? Comment below!


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