“Sojourners and Strangers” Reviews Clean Router!


‘”Sojourners and Strangers,” a Christian blog, has reviewed Clean Router and highlighted some of the things our customers love about Clean Router! Please note that this review refers to Clean Router by our former name, Pandora’s Hope. Check out the review below!


“Protecting my family, those in my home, and even myself from the destructive influences of pornography is a high priority for us. The damage pornography inflicts on those involved in its production those who consume it have been well-documented, even by those without the specific agenda of fighting it for moral reasons, such as sociologists and psychologists. Increased pornography consumption continues to be associated with increases in unhealthy anger and tension, abuse, and other forms of violence…

At this time, Pandora’s Hope [Clean Router] is the best solution I have found to keeping unwanted content out of our home and our lives. Unlike stock ‘parental controls’ featured on other wireless routers, this one actually works. It can be very thoroughly customized, works very well without slowing down internet, and is the most affordable blocking solution I’ve found. We love the idea that everyone who visits or stays in our home is protected with no additional cost or software needed. Basically, I have no complaints whatsoever. This gives us exactly what we wanted and needed. I highly recommend the Pandora’s Hope [Clean Router] Pro router, and I have no reason to believe that the base model would be any worse for most households.”


You can read the full review by clicking here! Keep in mind that the pricing information mentioned in the review is out of date. To check out our current pricing model, click here!


With Clean Router, having online peace of mind doesn’t mean sacrificing your internet speed, your budget, or your time. Our routers use the best technology to enhance your current internet speed, and set up is as easy as plugging in the router. As for pricing, the basic Clean Router is FREE, with a small monthly charge to ensure your home or church’s online protection never becomes obsolete. It’s no wonder our customers love Clean Router!


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