Feature Friday: Bring Clean Router Home For the Holidays!

family out side of house

Isn’t it great to have the family home for the holidays? The kids are out of school, the adults have a little extra time off from work, and the out of town relatives bring even more excitement and fun.


With friends and families gathering in your home, the holidays are the perfect time to make sure your home is safe in every way. Family time these days means streaming movies, gaming, video chatting, and other online recreation. Is your internet network ready?


Bring Clean Router home for the holidays! Our router blocks all online pornography, violence, and drug content from every device connected to your home internet network. Set up is one-time only and done within minutes, and each individual device is filtered as easily as entering your wi-fi password. Our multi-level filtering system is completely customizable and can be adjusted and re-adjusted at any time!


Do your holiday plans involve traveling this year? Our mobile plan offers Clean Router apps for online peace of mind anywhere. Protect your devices both inside your home and out!


This year, give yourself and your loved ones the gift of clean internet and online safety! Click here to get started!

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