Feature Friday: The Internet, YOUR Way


Internet access can seem binary– either you have the internet in your home, or you don’t. Having the internet in your home can expose your family to online pornography, real and fictional violent content, drug content, suggestive ads, raunchy articles, scams, and other dark aspects of our world. On the other hand, not providing your home with internet access in 2017 deprives them of wholesome and free entertainment, educational opportunities, awareness of current events, social connections, and even paying the bills and banking. What’s a twenty-first century family to do?


Clean Router offers families to engage with the internet wholesomely and productively. Your family’s rules become Clean Router’s rules with dozens of customizable features and filtering options. Best of all, you can adjust and readjust the Clean Router filters at any time, from anywhere! Just log into from any computer or download our  Remote Control app for easy on-the-go access!


Your family deserves more options than sleaze or 1950s technology. With Clean Router, you can have the internet YOUR way!


Ready to protect your family online with Clean Router?

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