Feature Friday: Clean YouTube for iOS is HERE!!


Apple users, we are thrilled to announce that Clean YouTube available in the App Store!


YouTube, like the internet as a whole, is a fantastic resource for learning and entertainment. But even innocent search terms and videos bring up appallingly explicit videos! How can families enjoy the good AND avoid the smut?


Clean YouTube is our answer. We believe that you shouldn’t have to risk your kids’ safety to enjoy YouTube. So, we took the filth out. The multi-layer Intellifilter technology Clean Router users already know and love is now available for YouTube. No more suggestive sidebars or aggressive auto-play– your family is safe!


Now that Clean YouTube is available for any device, we recommend routing all YouTube traffic through Clean YouTube. Clean Router users can do this by opening the CleanYouTube section of the Clean Router settings and turning on the “Clean YouTube Only” option.


Parents, you do NOT have to put up with skeezy side of YouTube to enjoy the good. Download the Clean YouTube app today here!







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