Hanging Off the Wire Reviews Clean Router


The blog “Hanging Off the Wire” featured Clean Router, and we love what they have to say!


“As a parent there are many conversations and situations you hope that you will be able to avoid as you are raising your children. One of those is calling another parents to inform them that their child accidentally saw inappropriate content while using the Internet at your house. This awkward conversation can easily be avoided if you have the right WiFi… The Clean Router is a special router that has pre-set and customizable parental settings that filter out content parents would rather their children were not exposed to online. Easy to use, the Clean Router replaces a home’s current WiFi router.”


You can read the full review here.


Our customers love how easy we make online peace of mind. Clean Router’s set up is as easy as it gets– just plug it into your modem or existing router. If you have any questions, our friendly US-based support team is available by phone, email or online chat. Once Clean Router is ready, you can rest easily knowing your home internet network is protected by layers of up-to-date filtering around the clock!

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