To all religious leaders: Stand against pornography!


Throughout history, religious values and religious leaders have shaped history and awakened our understanding of right and wrong.


It was the Archbishop of Canterbury who drafted the Magna Carta, the first legal document to grant rights to individuals.


William Wilberforce, an evangelical Christian, led the movement to end slavery in England as a member of Parliament.


Thomas Jefferson, a deeply religious men, penned the words “All men are created equal….They are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” in the Declaration of Independence and changed the course of destiny for the American colonies.


The Quakers fought against American slavery for almost two hundred years.


Martin Luther King Jr, leader of the civil rights movement, was an American Baptist minister.


For each of these men and women, standing against the conventional wisdom of their time took courage, but their faith gave them the strength to fight for what they knew was right.


Pastors, ministers, bishops, imams, rabbis, and religious leaders of every kind: we call on you today to stand against online pornography. It erodes the very best of humanity: our compassion, our self-discipline, our selflessness. Pornography robs children of their parents, and spouses of their marriages. It inspires violence and abuse, infidelity and humiliation. Pornography lures young men and women into trading their reputations, dignity, and physical safety for money. Research verifies these facts and more.


Come stand with us. We need you! Warn those in your sphere of influence to shun pornography and shield their homes and families. Speak out in your communities about the danger pornography poses to all of us.


And, if you are willing, try our tool– the Clean Router. It’s designed to block all online pornography at the door of your home or church. If you like it, tell those you know that the Clean Router exists to make parents’ lives a little easier. That the Clean Router will protect their kids online, even when their parents can’t watch them every second.


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