Feature Friday: What the Clean Browser Can Do For You!


We built Clean Router with the idea that families could build a wall around their homes to keep out all online pornography and age-inappropriate content. All devices that enter a Clean Router-protected home, regardless of type or owner, would be unable to breach that wall. Now, it’s time to put that Clean Router protection on your mobile devices and have it go to work, to school, to church– just like your family.


The Clean Browser app is now available for Android devices! All of the customizable filtering and controls from Clean Router, now with the mobility and convenience of an app.


The Clean Browser app currently has the following features:

1.  Blocks apps: Users can specify which apps installed on the phone should be blocked.
2.  Blocks Settings: The device’s settings are only accessible with the router password.
3.  (Optional) Custom launcher: Prevents the use of the Google Search features and requires the device to use Clean Search, our search engine.
4.  Uses as the default search engine.
5.  Logs internet activity in the routers logs: This works just as if the device was still connected to the Clean Router network.
6.  Honors time restrictions (configured on the router for this device): Disables use of every app when restriction is in place (even outside of home network).
7.  Disables device when Remote Control app disables (even outside of home network): No matter where a device is, if a Clean Router administrator locks the device through the Clean Router Remote Control app, the device is locked.
8.  Honors your Clean Router’s Black List: All websites on your Clean Router’s Black List will be blocked, even outside of the Clean Router network.
9.  Prompts user to enter a user-friendly nickname for each mobile device on the network.
10. Same easy filter bypass by entering the administrator password, just as if your device was connected to a Clean Router network.
11. Allows filter bypass to a blocked app or screen using the administrator password even when device is not connected to the internet.
In a nutshell, this is the same Clean Router you already know and love. But now, with the Clean Browser app, the Clean Router protection and online peace of mind does not have to end at your front door.
Android users can download Clean Browser at the Google Play store. iOS users, hang in there, the Clean Browser app is coming to the iTunes Store soon! All users please note that you may need to upgrade your Clean Router subscription to use Clean Router apps.


To use the Clean Browser app, Clean Router needs to be running version or later. If your Clean Router is an older version, please contact our support team by calling 520-445-4673, emailing, or using the live chat function on our website.


Clean Browser users, keep your eyes open for us, ok? Clean Browser is a brand-new app, so let us know if you see any bugs or errors. Think of this as our beta testing period.


To learn more about Clean Router and the online peace of mind we’re bringing families across the country, click here!

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