Violent and Sexual Media Hurts Academic Performance, Study Suggests

Can watching pornography or violent media hurt teens’ grades? A recent study says yes!


The researchers examined the grades and test scores of over 1500 Turkish teen boys and found a negative correlation between academic performance and viewing sexual or violent media. The connection held true even after controlling for total amount of screen time (violent/sexual and nonviolent/nonsexual), which means that this is not just a case of too much screen time and too little studying. The researchers also found that the boys’ foreign language performance was particularly effected by the violent or sexual media. This indicating that this type of content may adversely affect attention and memory, both critical skills in foreign language learning.


You can read the original study here.


The more scientists study kids’ brains and screen time, the more we learn the quality of the media kids consume matters just as much as quantity. Violent and sexual media is readily accessible to any kid with an internet connection, and it will impact that kid’s familial, academic, and professional future. Parents must teach kids to choose their media with caution and wisdom, and set up safeguards in the meantime.


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