Violent and Sexual Media Hurts Memory and Attention, Study Says


The link between violent media and aggression is well-known, as are the risks of viewing sexual media. However, a recent study suggests that viewing violent and sexual media also has other cognitive effects, including decreased attention and memory.


Two separate trials were conducted– one to measure the effects of viewing violent media, and one to measure the effects of viewing sexual media. The study also contained a control group with participants who watched a video containing no sex or violence. Each participant completed a foreign language test before watching a video, shortly after watching a video, and a week later. The researchers found that, while there were no significant differences between the groups’ performances on the pretest, the groups watched a video that contained violent OR sexual content scored lower than the control group on the tests on both the test given immediately afterward and the test given a week later.


The researchers specifically chose a foreign language test because of the critical importance of both attention and memory in learning and speaking a foreign language. So, when the participants who had viewed violent or sexual media scored lower on this test, they concluded that the participants’ attention and memory had decreased. You can read the study here.


This study suggests that pornography and violent media is not just a moral or family issue. This is a cognitive issue! While no parent wants to be the spoilsport, no amount of entertainment is worth compromising children’s brains.


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