The Paper Reviews Clean Router!


Bob Gunnar, Tech Editor at The Paper (a local Houston online newspaper) has reviewed Clean Router! Here’s what he had to say.


“We tested the base model and found it easy to install, and that it worked exactly as promised.  One month of service is offered for free when you subscribe, and then you pay the $12.99 a month (Note: Now only $9.99/month! Check out our most up-to-date pricing info here) to continue the service which automatically updates with regular updates to black, white & grey lists.  The router had great speed and worked fine with our cable service… We really like the concept of Clean Router, the monthly service charge is a small price to pay to assure your children are protected.  It would be great for a church, day care or school.”


Thank you to The Paper and Bob Gunnar! You can read the full review here.


Our customers love Clean Router’s easy installation and automatic updates. The internet evolves constantly, so our consistent monitoring and regular updates ensure that your home receives cutting edge protection– even if you bought your router years ago!


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