Two New Social Media Studies Offer Food For Thought For Parents

Two new studies on social media offer valuable insight for parents.


The first study indicates that teens and tweens check their mobile devices late at night and early into the morning. Night time social media use is linked to poorer sleep quality and higher levels of anxiety and depression. Dr. Heather Cleland Woods, the head of this study, suggested a “digital sunset” may be helpful for kids and teenagers. Read about Clean Router’s ability to put the internet to bed here!


The second study sought information on teenagers and stress. Researchers found that teenage girls in particular suffer from high levels of stress, and many self-medicate with social media. In turn, the pressure to achieve “followers” and “likes” can create more stress. Parents should check in with their teenagers of both genders and discuss social media popularity as well as stressors and stress management.


To read the original article at “The Guardian, click here!


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