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Spencer Thomason and Eric Vance, co-founders of Clean Router, sat down with Phoenix Business Journal to talk about Clean Router’s beginnings, explain why Clean Router is unique in the internet filtering industry, and give their advice on starting a business in today’s market.


When Thomason and Vance were asked to develop an internet filtering service, the first Clean Router was born. “They didn’t like the idea of the router,” said Thomason. “So, we decided to do it ourselves.” When the two were both laid off in 2009, they began refining the Clean Router and preparing to bring their idea to the public.


While other internet filters are inflexible and cumbersome, Clean Router has a wide range of customizable settings. Parents can turn the internet on or off, exclude certain devices, received daily email reports,  or even give their favorite sites the “all clear.”


When it comes to launching a product, Thomason advises entrepeneurs to get it out as soon as is feasible. When Clean Router was first released, it was “pretty rough,” but parents were willing to tolerate the bugs in return for Clean Router’s features. “I would highly encourage any entrepreneur to get it out early, bugs and all,” he said.


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