Feature Friday: We’ll grow with you

It’s not just a cliche: kids really do grow up so fast. One minute your son is a sweet, squishy baby that sleep all the time, the next minute he’s jumping off the dining room table. And those sweet newborn pajamas? Outgrown before you know it.


Some filters only provide one setting. Others offer a couple options, but don’t allow you to change the setting after the initial installation.


What happens when your family outgrows your internet filter? Do you really want to buy another costly filter every few years?


Clean Router will grow with your family. We provide customizable settings that you can set up, change, and change again. If you only want your kids to be able to access one or two websites, you can plug those settings in at And if, in a few years, your family is ready for a little more internet access, you can adjust your settings again.


Traditional internet filters are inflexible and provide no exceptions. Clean Router gives the option to type in a password and access restricted material at any time. We will protect just as much as you want us to, exactly when you want us to.


To learn more about how Clean Router can protect your family and provide you with online peace of mind, click here!


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