Social Media Addict, Or Just Overly Attached?

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Have you found yourself wondering if you or a loved one is addicted to social media? Maybe you find yourself absentmindedly scrolling through Instagram for hours. Maybe your teenager has to deep-breathe at the thought of being separated from his or her smart phone. Social media is a part of our daily lives now, and we probably all spend more time on it than we should. But here are a few signs that the problem is serious and may need help.


1) Interferes with daily life

Are you skipping important obligations like work, school, or family functions to spend time on social media? Disregarding the needs of a successful life can be a sign that a hobby or activity has gotten out of hand.


2) Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities

Did your child used to love basketball? Does she skip the weekly girls’ nights she used to attend faithfully? Sudden changes in hobbies and social habits are often indicative of a change in emotional well-being. If Facebook or Tumblr is filling hours that used to go to other beloved hobbies, your child’s social media attachment may be stronger than you think.


3) Decreased impulse control

If you just can’t seem to put down the phone, social media might have too much power in your life. The essence of an addiction or dependency is the increased inability to put aside an activity.


4) Craving social media time when off-line

If you find yourself constantly thinking about social media when you are off-line, hopefully you work for Twitter. If not, something else might be up. Longing for social media or anxiety when disconnected indicates an emotional tie that is abnormally strong.


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27 Apr, 16

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    ***Rachel Chipman*** says: posted on 29 Apr, 2016

    Hi Andrea! Clean Router gives parents the tools to monitor and limit their family’s social media use. Users can set a schedule for each device in their home, or block certain social media sites altogether! Clean Router also logs every website visited on your home’s internet network (even if an incognito tab is used), so parents can see if someone is visiting Facebook or Instagram 20 times a day. 🙂

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