Porn’s Not a Secret Anymore

No needles, no bottles, no nicotine stain– the lack of accessories makes pornography the silent drug. Users believe that, because their porn use is a secret, they are only hurting themselves.


And that’s exactly what the pornography industry wants you to believe.  As porn has evolved from print materials to digital content, users are even more easily convinced that their dirty little secret can stay between them and their computer.


However, pornography use is even LESS concealed now than in the days of sleazy magazines. A porn site subscription requires a credit card, and anyone who uncovers that information could easily get access to your full name, birth date, address, and even social security number! As Anonymous proved several months ago by leaking the Ashley Madison database, your online business is a lot less secure than you think.


But let’s say that you only watch free pornography, with no credit card required. Your computer logs every click you make in the browser history. Even if you use an incognito window, your IP address (a number specific to your computer)  is saved in the website’s log, and third party requests are made to advertising companies that track your internet activity. If you have a Clean Router, the router logs every website visited, even if you delete the browser history or use an incognito tab.


Your pornography use is not a secret. You are not anonymous online.


Would you do and say the same things online if you knew the world was watching? The internet is watching you, and it’s just a matter of time before it talks.


For more information about the user data collected by porn sites and other internet tracking devices, click here for an article at Fight the New Drug and here for an article by someone who actually sat down with the head honchos at porn companies.


Ready to take back your life (and browser history) from porn?


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