Feature Friday: Clean Router Parental Control Panel App Coming Soon!


Hey parents! We’re ready to make it even easier to customize your Clean Router to meet your family’s day to day internet needs!


The Parental Control Panel App will make adjusting your Clean Router settings as fast and easy and touching your screen. After downloading the app, which will be available for both iOS and Android devices, users can open the app and log into their Clean Router account at any time and from anywhere with data or internet connection. After you log in, you will be able to turn your home internet connection on or off with a simple toggle and edit your white and black lists.


Other internet filtering products are cumbersome and inflexible. Here at Clean Router, we know you have limitless demands on your time and energy, so we are here to make family internet safety fast, customizable, and completely painless. Once again, Clean Router proves that online peace of mind is not just possible– it’s essential!


The Parental Control Panel App will be available to all Clean Router users very soon! Stay tuned!

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