How to kidproof your iPad in four easy steps

Congratulations on your brand new iPad! The world is yours to conquer through a touch screen.

What’s that? You have kids? Congratulations on them too! Kids and iPads can coexist quite nicely. Just follow these four easy steps to kidproof your new iPad and begin the fun for all.

1) Buy a good case

Kids of any age are hard on electronic gadgets, and even careful use can take its toll on your new iPad. Buy a sturdy case that will withstand bumps and that fits the ways you will use it.

2) Turn on Restrictions

If your kid is going to be using the iPad on a regular basis, consider turning on Apple’s parental controls, Restrictions. To access this tool, go to Settings, General, then Restrictions. You will see the option to allow or disallow apps, changes to settings, various ratings of media content, and sharing of information.

3) Don’t forget to disable In-App Purchases

Apple requires you to keep a credit card on file, so remember to disable In-App Purchases. Very young children may inadvertently charge your account, and older children may succumb to temptation.

4) Write down the password!

Setting up the Restrictions feature on your iPad will require you to choose a password. If you lose or forget this password, you will have to erase your device and set it up as a new device. This will essentially return the iPad to factory settings, and you will lose all your pictures, files, etc.

iPads and kids can mix! Just don’t forget to prepare your iPad for its safety and the safety of your children. Following these four easy steps will help ensure a long life for your iPad and online protection for your kids.

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