Feature Friday: An undeletable history

Do you know what your family is doing online?

Of course! You can just check the browser history, right?

Think again.

It takes about three clicks to delete a browser history, and about three hundred clicks to recover it– if it’s even possible. If your family uses a Chrome browser, or does not have Time Machine enabled on a Mac, your internet history is probably gone for good.

Even if you can recover your browser history, who wants to spend hours comparing the new browser history to the old?

Luckily, Clean Router is here, and we can guarantee you an undeletable internet history. Our router tracks every website from every device that accesses your wireless network. Furthermore, you can access that history online, so it is available to you anywhere, anytime.

And only someone with your administrator password can access this history. So you know that your Clean Router history is as secure as everything else about your Clean Router.

Don’t rely on an ephemeral browser history to protect your family. Let Clean Router give you online peace of mind.

For more information on how Clean Router can provide you with a fun, safe online experience, click here!

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