Feature Friday: We protect it all!

Most filters are only meant for one device.

And that’s worked great in the past. Up until just a few years ago, most people have only accessed the internet on their desktop computer.

Then something really cool happened: laptop computers. You could access the internet anywhere, anytime. Amazing, right? Then came mp3 players with wifi capability. And then video game consoles could go online. And then smart phones, tablets, smart watches….

Suddenly an internet filter on only one device does not sound so great. If you are like most people, you probably use at least three different devices to access the internet. For other people, that number might be closer to five or six devices.

Is the answer really five or six internet filters? Here at Clean Router, we don’t think so!

Clean Router is one filter for every device.

One filter.

One installation.

And one price tag.

Streaming movies? Face to face time with someone across the world? Sharing information in the blink of an eye? It’s pretty awesome.

But doing all those things with online peace of mind? That’s even better.

Clean Router wants to protect it all for you.

All your devices.

All your family members.

All the time.

To learn more about how Clean Router protects families and why we’re endorsed by The Arizona Family Council, click here!

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