Grandma’s on Facebook: 5 Stats about Older Adults and Social Media

Surprised by a friend request from Grandma? While the technologically illiterate Baby Boomer is a stereotype in our society, that image falls short of the truth. The older generation is flocking to social media and the Internet to keep up with kids and grandkids, build a community, and learn about current affairs. Skeptical? Check out these five statistics about older adults and social media.


1) In 2010, elders’ social networking use almost doubled, going from 22% to 42%.

2) 47% of Internet users aged 50-64 years old use a social media site, and 26% of Internet users 65 years and older use a social media site

3) Between April 2009 and May 2010, the number of social media users 65 years and older doubled.

4) Every day, 20% of adults aged 50-64 years use social media.

5) Older adults with a chronic disease are more likely to be on social media. They show a strong preference for blogging and online health message boards.


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