People Have More To Offer

Many users turn to pornography to try to fill a void. Their loved ones then ask themselves, “Why wasn’t I enough?” Husbands and wives especially feel that they just can not compete with the airbrushed fantasy.


After hearing this refrain over and over, marriage and family therapist Lori Cluff Schade published this article  on FamilyShare. Titled, “What you have to offer that pornography does not: A message to women,” the author explains to spouses of pornography users that their perception of inadequacy is all wrong. In reality, pornography is inadequate, and people win any possible comparison. Pornography cannot provide the loving support and companionship of a real life spouse. Pornography is fake– that it is why it does not satisfy.


In our digital age, too many of us forget that reality has more to offer than fantasy. We immerse ourselves in fandoms and idolize fictional characters, blind to the real life possibilities for love and adventure around us. We count “friends” and forget to nurture meaningful friendships. We capture endless selfies, but fall short of becoming our best selves.


In 2016, let us treasure reality over fantasy. Most importantly, though, let us remember that people have more to offer than screens.



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