Feature Friday: The Daily Email Log!


As a parent, your responsibility is to know what your kids get up to online. But how? Browsing history can be erased within seconds, and recovering deleted history is next to impossible. Even if a computer’s browser history is intact, any incognito browsing will not appear. Standing over your kids’ shoulders 24/7 is an unattractive and impractical option for everyone involved. Is keeping tabs on your kids online a lost cause?


Clean Router believes online peace of mind is not just possible– it’s essential! For parents, online peace of mind absolutely includes knowing where your kids spend their time online, and we can make happen. Every night, we’ll email you a pdf of every website visited on your home in the last 24 hours. The log is organized by device, making it easy to know which family member needs to cut back on Facebook, and which family member may be venturing into sketchier online waters. Your report will also include the number of times each device was blocked by the filter or bypassed the filter. This will help you know if your bypass password has been compromised and if someone is trying to access blocked material.


Best of all, you can know the report is complete and accurate. There is no way to add or delete websites from the log, even if the sites may have been deleted from the computer’s browsing history, and sites visited through with incognito tabs will still appear.


Parents, knowing where your kids go online should be easy. Clean Router makes it as simple as opening an email.


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