(Cutting) A Little Screen Time Goes a Long Way, Study Says


The secret to a long life might be cutting back just a few minutes a day on screen time.


A recent study published in the research journal¬†Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise suggests replacing even thirty minutes of screen time per day with another activity lowers one’s mortality risk significantly. And, no, the activity does not have to be Crossfit! While activities classified as “structured exercise” (including strenuous sports) did have a greater impact on adults’ life span, swapping thirty minutes of television watching for activities like walking for pleasure and light household projects also improved the participants’ health.


While the study’s results may be intuitive, they are a testament to the power of moderation. Bloggers and television lovers are not required to cut the cord and give up their hobbies completely. Instead, developing an additional interest can be enough to improve one’s physical well-being.


Parents, while this study’s participants are adults, the same principles can help the younger crowd as well. Kids and teens often go to extremes in their interests, and it can be almost impossible to completely separate them from the beloved smart phones and tablets. However, enforcing such a separation for even a short period of time in favor of a slightly less sedentary activity can have a significant impact on their health. As your kids invest more time in other interests, it will become easier and easier to encourage them to develop healthy media habits and a more balanced life. Start small, be patient, and results will come!


If you’re interested, you can read the original study here.


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