Charlotte Area News Praises Clean Router!

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Charlotte Area News has featured Clean Router! Here are our favorite sections of the article:


“Computers and smartphones are no longer the only devices in a home that can connect to the Internet. Game consoles, music players and appliances that are part of the Internet of Things all have web browsers and can give a child access to online content parents would prefer they were not viewing. While software and apps can block these sites on traditional devices, only Clean Router can protect every device in a home without slowing browsing and download speeds.”


“Clean Router is easy to use. It plugs into any modem, providing clean browsing via any Internet-enabled device that connects to the WiFi network. Parents can customize a list of keywords and phrases that the router will blacklist or greylist in addition to an existing list of content that is blocked by default. Clean Router uses IntelliFilterTM, an exclusive multilevel search technology, to continuously block unwanted content. From web addresses with specific words to images and video files tagged with words that have been red flagged, Clean Router works with every device and every operating system. And, it eliminates the possibility for a wily child to circumvent filters.”


“As an additional feature, Clean Router allows parents to set time-of-day restrictions by device so children cannot go online whenever they please. This feature was designed to promote family time and unplugged fun without kids complaining that their Internet time was cut short by a parent unfairly. Parents can also opt to receive a regular report about what their children are searching for online to help them stay in-touch with their children’s interest and lives when conversations seem one-ended and questions are only answered with ‘fine’.”


Thanks, Charlotte Area News!


Readers, you can see the full review by clicking here. Please note, though, that the pricing information listed in the reviews is now out of date. Our up-to-date plans and options are available here on our website!


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