25 Mar

What could you do with $0.70?


You could buy a few minutes on a parking meter.


You MIGHT be able to buy a candy bar from a vending machine or a grocery store.




There’s really not much seventy cents can buy you these days. That is one of the (many) things that sets Clean Router apart! For only seventy  cents per day, we provide our customers with porn-free internet, customizable filters, and exceptional parental controls.


That’s a handful of pocket change for:


*A white list, a black list, a gray list, and a TLDR black list to customize your family’s internet access

*A daily log of your family’s internet activity, emailed straight to your inbox!

*The ability to turn off the internet with at will

*Filters that can include every device in your house, or purposefully exclude the device(s) of your choice

*Parental controls that put the internet “to bed” at the hour of your choice for each device

*A pornography filter that can be strengthened or relaxed at any time

*The option to remotely control your Clean Router settings


And more!


Don’t let your change go to waste in the couch or in a jar! Order your Clean Router and enjoy online peace of mind for your whole family today!





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