01 Apr

Have you tried CleanYouTube yet? Our new video search engine sanitizes YouTube to provide your family with a whole new level of online peace of mind. Here are three ways it will change your life:


1) You can watch awesome anti-pornography videos like Terry Crews’ Dirty Little Secret Series (click here to watch part 1!)without worrying about what skeezy suggested videos will come up on the side.


2) You can search for videos without wondering in which ways YouTube will twist your innocent search terms.


3) You no longer have to support a platform that facilitates the production and consumption of pornography.


The wait is over! Head to CleanYouTube.io now, and don’t forget to send us your feedback at info@cleanrouter.com. After all, this is just a beta version, so we’re going to get better and better!


  • Russ

    How do I use clean tube. The article never said as far as I can tell?

    • Rachel Chipman

      Hi Russ! To use CleanYouTube, just visit CleanYouTube.io!

  • Travis

    This CleanYouTube is a great idea. I applaud the effort. I hope it’s development continues and that it stays around for a while. It is not where it needs to be yet. I did a search on “cgi” and some of the results are not what I would watch. The post doesn’t contain much detail. I would be interested in knowing more about how it works, development plans, etc. … maybe videos could by users in various categories. Thanks to CleanRouter for releasing the Beta version for users to explore!

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