Clean Router Review


3 Reasons why I love my Clean Router:


Time Restrictions


In my family we have loved the time restriction feature. For example. Monday night when we have family night all my kids have their internet turned off from 6pm to 8pm. There are no distractions and they all know after family night they can have some internet time before bed. Another great part of this feature is that it is completely customizable. My 8 year old’s time restrictions begin at 8pm so that he can go to bed. However, my 17 year old is up till about 10pm doing homework so his restrictions don’t begin until then. Even though I trust that my kids aren’t looking at naughty things (even if they tried clean router would block it) I have the reassurance that they aren’t spending hours in bed watching cat videos losing out on valuable sleeping time. 


1 install fixes all

Another reason I love Clean Router is for the simplicity. It isn’t like so many of these other products out there where you have to install it on every device. As soon as I set it up I know that any device that connects to my house’s wifi will be protected by Clean Router. That includes my family’s friends that come over. 


Email reports/alerts

Every evening I can get an email report from Clean Router telling me which devices were on which websites. I really appreciate having this. That way if there is anything going on I can know about the issue before it festers and can become detrimental. Going along with the email reports I also get a text message any time a device attempts to access a website that I have personally black listed (banned from our internet). 



These are a few of the features that I absolutely love about Clean Router. The time restrictions are easy to set up. The device is extremely simple to use and I get personal alerts about what is happening on the internet in my home. If you are on the fence about getting a Clean Router I HIGHLY recommend it. It is worth every penny knowing that my kids are protected from the plagues of the outside world.

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