Clean Router Features Review


Clean Router is the #1 home internet filtering device

It provides the ultimate parental controls. Clean Router has some phenomenal features. 

Here is a list of a few of my favorite features:


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Time Restrictions

I can personally set custom time restrictions per device in my family. For example I can turn off the internet to my 8 year old’s phone at 8pm. And I can turn off the internet to my 17 year old’s phone at 10pm. It is all customizable. One of my favorite times to do this is Monday night. I can turn off the internet to all my kids phone from 5pm to 8pm for family night. 


The blanket of coverage 

I love that every device in my home is protected by Clean Router. All TVs, phones, tablets, computers and even gaming devices are protected. Something that brings me comfort is even when my kid’s friends come over and connect to the wifi it will filter their internet as well.


Email reports

Everyday I get an email from Clean Router reporting what device was on which website during the day. 


Blocking Websites

Sometimes a website might not be pornographic but it may be simply inappropriate for some of my family members. For example, I don’t want my 10 year old to have access to the website Victoria’s secret. I can add that to the blocked websites list. I will also be notified if someone tries to access a blocked website.

These are only a few of my favorite features that Clean Router has to offer!

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