BREAKING: If You Own a Netgear Router Do This!


It was recently discovered that 11 Netgear Wireless routers have serious network security flaws. It is imperative that Netgear releases a security patch immediately.

It comes as a surprise to all but it appears that Disney Circle is the ring leader in causing this security error.


As you can see from the article below, this is not the first time Disney Circle has caused issues. This goes back as far as 2017 when it was released that Circle had more than 23 vulnerabilities!


Here is what we recommend.

Clean Router has just released version 5 of their router. It is built on the latest and greatest security patches and protocols to avoid any of these issues that Disney Circle has caused.

Not only does Clean Router provide a secure router, but it also has incredible internet filtering capabilities.

Some of the main reasons people (especially parents) love Clean Router is because they offer top of the line Parental Controls that cannot be matched. If you don’t believe me, watch the video below.

Clean Router has developed a cutting edge device to keep your kids safe online even when they are not home. Clean Router has recently released a new product called CleanPhone! CleanPhone is a way to ensure your kids’ safety even when they are outside the filtered WiFi of Clean Router.

CleanPhone offers the same Parental Controls as Clean Router and more! Check out these features here!

Due to the massive effect that Disney Circle caused Netgear Routers we are offering a 15% discount for life!

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