An Open Letter To Families

Hello families,


Isn’t the internet amazing? Who could have imagined just twenty years ago, that information of every kind could be so constantly accessible? The internet allows us to develop skills, discuss ideas, educate ourselves, and connect with friends and family near and far away.


Our children are astounding us with their technological savvy and skill. Toddlers operate tablets and smartphones with ease, and teenagers write computer code and build websites. This is the technology generation. They are preparing to take their place in a world where digital life is almost as relevant as “real” life.


The internet (almost an obsolete term!) mirrors the off-line world. There is both beauty and ugliness, violence and peace, kindness and cruelty, growth and stagnancy, danger and safety. Just as we gradually prepare our children to succeed in the real world, we need to teach our children how technology can enhance their lives.


Some parents look askance at technology and the internet. They fear the effects of pornography, gaming, cyberbullying, social media, and technological addiction so much that they try to protect their children by eliminating their contact with computers. These are all valid fears, and many do suffer from the dangers of the internet. However, in our day and age, protecting children from the dangers of the internet by forbidding them from going online is akin to preventing kidnapping by never allowing your children to leave your home. It just is not practical, and it will not prepare them to be successful adults.


That is not to say that parents should not limit and monitor their children’s internet activity and usage– on the contrary! Just as a responsible parent carefully supervises a toddler at a playground, parents should be actively aware of their children’s technological experiences.


Please explore our website, Here you’ll learn how we provide customizable filtering technology to families. You can block specific websites or topics, approve other websites, and even give the internet a schedule! Beyond filtering, though, Clean Router allows you to conveniently view your family’s internet usage from anywhere.


Having a fun, safe internet experience is not just possible– it’s essential! Allow us to give you the gift of online peace of mind today.


Clean Router

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