Pornography: Public Health Problem, Or Changing Culture?

A Deseret News article published yesterday, “Why some people believe pornography should be considered a public health problem,” examines how our society’s attitude about pornography has changed over time.


One study asked participants if pornography distribution should be illegal. In 1975, 53% of women and 34% of men said yes. In 2012, though, only 43% of women and 23% of men said yes.


Why the gender gap? The authors of the study argue that men are influenced by the media and society from a young age to become pornography consumers. Women, on the other hand, are torn between societal messages that pornography equals liberation and personal feelings that pornographic depictions of sex and the female body are degrading to women. The ubiquitous nature of pornography also discourages anti-pornography women from speaking out. If all the men and many of the women are doing it, society’s acceptance of pornography seems inevitable.


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