Why Do We Stay On Social Media?

“I wake up staring at my phone. I fall asleep to the glow of the very same screen. I think about whether leaving social media would make any difference. It probably won’t, and yet I can’t bear to look away.”


Author Michael Seidlinger contemplates our societal fascination with social media in a new Buzzfeed piece titled, “Every Day I Want to Quit Social Media.”


Seidlinger delves into the vulnerability of social media users, describing the feeling of seeing a post flop, watching a friend’s post be inundated with attention, and the compulsion to scroll, to catch up.


But then, the saving grace of social media appears– a human connection. Among the posturing and one-upping, it’s easy to forget that social media was invented to bring people closer together, not to isolate.


Social media is a tool, and like any other tool, can be used to enhance or detract from our quality of life. To read more about how to minimize the negative aspects of social media, click here.


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