6 Ways to Feel Happier Today

If hump day has you feeling blue, try these six tips to make your Wednesday a little brighter!

1) Go for a walk

As anyone who has seen Legally Blonde knows, exercise produces endorphins, and endorphins make you happy! With spring finally here, who wants to be indoors anyway?


2) Do one thing you have been procrastinating

We all have those tasks that have been on every to-do list for months. Just do one of them. It probably won’t take as long as you have anticipated, and you will be shocked how good it feels to get it over with!

3) Disconnect

Intentionally turn off (and walk away from) all electronic devices. Even fifteen minutes will make you feel a little more free.

4) Celebrate

Does the hum-drum everyday routine just feel too blah today? Find a way to make today special! Is it a work or relationship anniversary? Did your daughter ace a test? See you if can plan a small outing (like going to the park) or pick up a small treat.

5) Say thank you

Did you know that today is National Nurses Day? Drop a line to your favorite nurse and thank him or her for their service. If you don’t know any nurses, thank someone who has done you a good turn recently.

6) Plan a vacation

Or a holiday, or a date, or an outing…. Making fun plans will give you something to look forward to, and putting some thought into an upcoming event will prevent last minute scrambling.


The middle of the work week doesn’t have to be dreary! Try a couple of these tips, and finish off this week strong!

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