Feature Friday: How’s your support network?

We all need a support network.

Everyone needs friends.Children need parents.

Husbands need wives.

Wives need husbands.

Students need TAs and teachers.

Employees need co-workers and supervisors.

Here at Clean Router, we want to be part of your support network. That’s why Ryan and Chris, our support technicians, are available by phone or by live chat for any and all of your Clean Router support needs. They want to be there for you at those milestones– when you open your Clean Router box, when you log in to your settings for the first time, as you add your first URL to the Black List.

Ryan and Chris especially want to be there for you if things seem hard, like if you just can’t block all Frozen-related material from your house.

Call Ryan and Chris at 1-520-445-4673, email them at, or chat with them at

Because here at Clean Router, we want to make sure YOU are supported.

For more information about how we can support you and your family in clean, safe online fun, read more on our blog!

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