Today, we’ll talk through exactly what happened with the Log4j hack and all the vulnerabilities that were exposed. We’ll also look into the magnitude of exactly what happened with Log4j.

The Insane Numbers

A lot of hackers, including Chinese state-backed groups, were involved in the launching of more than 840,000 attacks initiated on companies around the world since last Friday. That, indeed, is an insane amount of hacks!

Image by Ars Technica

As the cyber security group Check Point reported, the attacks relating to the Log4j vulnerability spiked in the 72 hours since Friday. Additionally, the researchers were seeing as many as over 100 attacks a minute.

My roommate, who works for Amazon, told me how they had to drop everything they were doing to put all hands on deck and go all in on releasing a patch for the Log4j vulnerability.

And according to Charles Carmakal, chief technology officer at the cyber company Mandiant, the perpetrators include even the Chinese government attackers.

The Flaw

The flaw reported in Log4j allows attackers to swiftly gain control over computers running apps in Java.

Credit: The Verge

According to Check Point, many cases of the hacks saw the purpose of taking control over computers to mine cryptocurrency, or to become part of botnets. Botnets is a vast network of computers. They have the potential to ultimately overwhelm websites with traffic, send spam, or for other illegal purposes.

Ultimately, this is something that you definitely want to look out for when it comes to large companies. So it’s really a necessary measure to figure out how exactly you can protect yourself against it.

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