Easily Block Websites With The Clean Router

Unlike Parental Control Software, The Clean Router allows parents to manage all of the devices in the house with one central control. It filters and manages everything connected to your home WiFi.
Features parents love:

  • Simple, Easy to use
  • Doesn’t slow down Internet
  • 7-layer IntelliFilter
  • Logs all activity per device
  • Time Restrictions
  • Emailed reports
  • Block by keywords
  • Filters YouTube! (New)

Time Restrictions

Time Restrictions

The Time Restriction tool makes it easy to set when internet access is allowed on your devices. Let the Clean Router help you enforce internet-free bedtimes, homework-sessions, and quiet hours.

7-layer IntelliFilter™ Technology


With extensive and easy-to-use controls, the Clean Router puts you in charge! Easily customize the Clean Router to your unique needs and taste.

Filters YouTube


Powerful Youtube-specific features allow you to watch all of your favorite videos with peace of mind. For those who’d like an even safer experience; try the new website!

Remote Control

Remote Control Apps

With our new Remote Control app, the Clean Router is only a tap away. Easily make changes to your Clean Router anywhere, anytime.

Emailed Reports

Say goodbye to shoulder-surfing! With the Clean Router, there is no need to hover over each internet-user in your home. The Clean Router will automatically monitor internet usage, and send you detailed emailed reports.

Clean Router

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