Melania Trump has a NEW NFT! Full Review!


Today, we’ll look at a really exciting piece of news that happened recently around the NFT world. We know the world has been going crazy lately with all the new cryptocurrencies and the capabilities they come with. And NFTs happen to be an innovate idea to boost the potential of crypto.

Melania Trump Getting Into The NFT Craze

Recently, Melania Trump started selling her own NFTs. Although this is not the first time a celebrity is stepping into the NFT world, we can definitely see this as a growing culture, which is a pretty promising hope for the future.

Melania's Vision NFT
Melania’s Vision NFT

The NFT that Mrs. Trump is selling is a digital watercolor painting of her eyes, which she titled “Melania’s Vision”. In addition to the digital painting, it also has a voice recording of her that says “My vision is, look forward with inspiration, strength, and courage.”

The NFT is up for sale on her official website,, and is currently listed for a price of 1 SOL ($198). A portion of the proceeds from the sales will help kids aging out of the foster care system.

Like Melania Trump, a lot of other celebrities have also joined the NFT craze way before Mrs. Trump did. Some of the big names include Tom Brady, Martha Stewart, and the K-pop band BTS.

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