Vitality Magazine Featured Clean Router!


Vitality Magazine, a publication for active older adults in Massachusetts, featured Clean Router in the October 2016 edition! If you subscribe to the magazine, you can find the review in the Lifestyle/For the Grandkids section.


“With kids back to school, they will be using the power of the Internet on computers or mobile devices more often now. And while the wealth of knowledge is great for school projects, it can sometimes land them in trouble. For example, if a child accidentally clicks that X-rated spam pop-up or a seemingly innocent link that redirects them to something you would never want them to see. If you’ve got grandkids on the Internet in your home, you want to protect them. The Clean Router is a five-layer filtering router that has preset and customizable parental settings that filter out content. The Clean Router, easy to use, plugs into any modem and will protect any device that connects to the home’s Wi-Fi network, unlike apps and software that only safeguard the device on which the program is downloaded.”


Thanks for the great review, Vitality Magazine!


Grandparents, your home internet network is one of the most commonly overlooked places children stumble across online pornography. Protect your grandkids in your home with Clean Router, and enjoy the online peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved ones are safe!


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