Character Tech’s Clean Router Review!

This Character Tech review is an “oldie but a goodie.” We love their examples of how Clean Router is great for homes and other establishments!


“The Clean Router automatically blocks pornography and other harmful material from ever reaching your computer screen or any other wireless device (such as a tablet, iPad, game console, streaming media player, or smartphone) connected to your home’s WiFi Network.

The Clean Router is not software-based protection, but rather provides router-based protection which means that there is no software to install on each device, no files that users can manipulate, and no creative ways to fool the program to allow a user past the blocking. This tool is essential for libraries, schools, churches and homes where children have access to the Internet, but no limitations on what they can see. With the Clean Router, children can be kept from inappropriate sites, and employees can be prevented from wasting valuable company time by visiting sites that have no relation to the work they do. The real benefit, however, is that, with the Clean Router, everyone can safely use the Internet.”


You can read the full review here. The pricing model the review mentions is out of date, but you  can view our current subscription and router costs here.


Thanks, Character Tech!


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