Twitter Vibe Might Be A New Feature Coming Soon

Got Vibes (4)

Twitter Vibe might actually happen. Twitter is reportedly working on a feature that allows users to set a status, codenamed “Vibe.” The possible feature was first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, a researcher and reverse engineer with a track record of spoiling upcoming app updates.

Twitter Vibe Status:

Screenshots shared by Wong show a “Set a status” field above the tweet composer box. A dropdown list has five pre-set vibes, none of which sound that fun, including “shopping grocery” and “driving highway.” It’s unclear if statuses will be limited to presets or if users will be able to add custom updates beyond what Twitter creates.

Twitter Vibe:

Left: [Set a status] UI showing on the top of Tweet Composer

Right:  With that UI expanded, showing a selector of a few predefined statuses: “What are you doing?”:

1. Eating yummy ramen
2. Driving highway
3. Shopping grocery
4. Lurking Twitter
5. Studying for the final exam
Tweet by @wongmjane

The status feature is a bit reminiscent of Facebook “feelings” appended to posts, and Wong compares it to statuses on the now-defunct Instagram Threads messaging app.

Twitter Vibe Appearance:

Vibes could be on a per-tweet basis with each post having its own, or on a profile level with the status appearing on tweets and on the profile view. Twitter users attending a conference or live-tweeting from an event often already change their display name to indicate what they’re doing, so a profile-level status could mimic that practice.

Twitter Vibe:
Image via @wongmjane

In an image shared, a screenshot of Wong’s profile shows a placeholder status using mock data appearing below her display name (to the Twitter employee and fellow A.G. Cook fan: hello!).


It’s still unclear when, if ever, the feature will go live. But if custom statuses do become an option, a whole host of other questions arise, like what kind of statuses will be allowed and how the bad vibes will be moderated.

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